Sample Books

Children are unique, as are their stories, so while it is not a case of one size fits all, you may find sample books helpful. My updated book contains suggested wording for children who are adopted, fostered, Special Guardians and kinship carers. There are life story books for:

 Danny: a 5 year old adopted child, whose birth parents misused drugs and alcohol

 Angela: a 1 year old relinquished baby.

 Rosie: a 7 year old Special Guardian living with her grandmother

 Tandi: a 9 year old placed with long term foster carers

 Kasem: a 5 year old, inter country adopted child

These children are fictitious, but I have drawn on my experiences of the children I have known, and from the many life story books I have written. 

To fully appreciate the rational and theory behind my approach, I encourage you to read  ‘Life Story Books for Children who are Adopted and Fostered’ before compiling your own book.