Joy Rees

 Life Work and Life Story Books

Frequently described as helping children answer the what, when, why and how questions about their early life experiences, lifework and compiling life story books is often challenging and time consuming, but can also be an extremely rewarding and a joyful experience.

My innovative approach to life story books flips the accepted, and most widely used, practice on its head and relieves the social worker and child of much of the anxiety and apprehension commonly associated with this process.

While keeping child development, trauma and attachment theories in mind, some of the fundamental principles I apply to life work and to my life story book model include:

  • Begin in the present and gently engage the child
  • Communicate playfully, in a child focused and age appropriate manner
  • Interact in a way that raises the child’s confidence and self worth

This website considers some user friendly elements of life work that can easily be incorporated in social work practice.